8 Jan 2015
In 2014, the volume of trading in the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno energy market increased by a third on a y-o-y basis; the trade balance exceeded the value of 6,000,000 MWh of energies
In 2014, 6.117 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity and of natural gas for end customers were traded on the floor of the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno (CMKBK) for a total amount of 4.986 billion Czech crowns. The volume of contracted energy increased y-o-y by 32.3%. In terms of an increase in contracting last year’s...

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The company focuses on developing analyses, consulting, mediation stock trading and preparation of projects designed to provide systematic solutions to a client’s core activities.

The company’s aim is to provide professional services to clients operating in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. It has identified key segments of the market where it is keen to be the leader or, failing that, at least one of the best in each segment.

List of current rates CMKBK

26 Feb 2024 EE NN 1R SSD CZ 2025 2.093 CZK/MWh >
26 Feb 2024 EE VN 1R SSD CZ 2025 2.135 CZK/MWh >
26 Feb 2024 ZP MO 1R SSD CZ 2025 885 CZK/MWh <
21 Feb 2024 ZP VO 1R SSD CZ 2025 991 CZK/MWh >
20 Feb 2024 PHM MON D CZ 2024 19.95 CZK/litr <

* Used abbreviation: EE NN - Electricity supply from low-voltage grids, EE VN - Electricity supply from high-voltage grids, ZP MO - Natural gas offtake up to 630 MWh yearly/delivery point, ZP VO - Natural gas offtake up over 630 MWh yearly/delivery point