FIN-servis is a member and private broker of the Kladno Czech-Moravian Commodity Exchange (ČMKBK).
Under a commodity exchange licence, it is authorized to mediate deals in all commodities traded on the exchange.
The commodities at the ČMKBK are split into five Broad sections:

  • waste and secondary raw materials
  • standard industrial commodities
  • electric energy
  • emission allowances
  • standard agricultural commodities

The Kladno Bohemian-Moravian Commodity Exchange ( was set up in 1995 in accordance with Act No 229/92 on commodity exchanges, pursuant to a state licence granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Trading takes place electronically in the form of an exchange trading system or in person on the exchange floor.
FIN-servis has quality technical facilities and a highly trained team of professionals who have a wealth of experience in exchange dealing. We maintain an individual approach to clients’ requirements in accordance with the long-term corporate philosophy. The wide range of clients from various fields of business offers a maximum possible guarantee of quality services in all stages of commodity trading.
FIN-servis has operated on the exchange as a broker since 1999. Over the years, it has picked up ample experience and arranged deals for its clients running into billions of crowns.
Dozens of clients relying on FIN-servis’s expertise include an array of companies ranging from commodity-exchange novices to veteran traders.
We believe we can offer the following advantages:

  • experience
  • the first-class execution of instructions
  • professionalism
  • an information service
  • reliability
  • speed and flexibility

We are pleased to provide all parties interested in purchasing or selling on the commodity exchange with the information they require.If they are interested we will send a contract and our terms and conditions of business.