About us

Fin-servis is a long-established consulting and analytic company specializing in commodity trading, transparent trading methods, corporate restructuring, environmental issues and human resource development.
The company focuses on developing analyses, consulting, mediation stock trading and preparation of projects designed to provide systematic solutions to a client’s core activities.
The company’s aim is to provide professional services to clients operating in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. It has identified key segments of the market where it is keen to be the leader or, failing that, at least one of the best in each segment.

The team

FIN-servis has a team of experienced experts who are highly developed in their areas of specialization.
The solid reputation and professional environment nurtured by the company over time have enabled our team of specialists to acquire valuable experience which FIN-servis continues to exploit successfully.


FIN-servis has successfully run dozens of projects and executed hundreds of transactions related to stock-exchange trading, public procurement and corporate restructuring with a total accounted – for sum of more than CZK 10 billion.


The company’s key accounts include large industrial and commercial enterprises, state institutions, public authorities and hundreds of other companies from all sectors of the Czech economy.

General advantages

  • experience
  • expertise
  • flexibility
  • dependability

History of the company

The company was established and incorporated in the Commercial Register in 1993 For the first five years of its existence it specialized solely in financial operations.
In 1999, there were fundamental changes in the asset structure. The company joined the Kladno Czech-Moravian Commodity Exchange. At the end of the year set up FIN-servis Group of interlocking companies.
A year later, there was a change in the official address. The company launched its first major projects in systems analysis.
In 2001, the company was transformed from a limited liability company to a public limited company. This was accompanied by fundamental development cooperation with key entities in fields identified by the company as core areas on-going and regular.
During 2002, the first stage of the reconstruction of the company’s registered office in the centre of Kladno was completed.
Institutional cooperation was fostered (promoted?) with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.
The group was reorganized. This primarily entailed the small-scale decentralization of operations to individual regions, a change in the activities of most subsidiaries, and reinforcement of working teams at head office.
The fact that the company has pursued a highly appropriate trend in steering its activities in accordance with its corporate vision was documented. The service portfolio is used extensively by long-term and new clients.